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    PDH provides design and manufacturing services to designers, manufacturers and retailers alike.

    We offer apparel business consulting to local businesses and foreign companies wanting to enter the south african market.

    PDH presents showroom retailing opportunities directly from the heart of trend itself.

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About Us

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Phoenix Design House, is an Apparel Business Solutions Company & Showroom. PDH offers design and manufacturing capabilities to retailers nationwide, bringing the prized 'made in South Africa' attribute to our products. Boasting with over 40 years of experience in garment materials, design and manufacturing, PDH exceeds its customers expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvements and customer interaction. We strive to large department stores, chain stores, boutiques and e-commerce stores nationwide, with a wide range of fashionable styles for women and girls of all ages

Quality Products

Quality cannot be compromised, and we know it well. With the customer as our focus PDH ensures the effective implementation of quality procedures and boosts of productivity. Quality check points are scheduled at every critical operation so as to guarantee that the requisite quality is being achieved at every stage of manufacture. To us, quality is about an association with the customer which once forged stays for a life-time.

360 B2B Services

With its streamlined processes and improved operating efficiencies, PDH can offer you a 360 degree service while delivering time-saving and value-added solutions. From trend conceptualisation and technical design services, material sourcing and manufacturing services, operational and project management services, industry consultancy and market knowledge... The house is committed to providing you with consistent results and a competitive edge.


Local empowerment and sustainability are at the basis of our business decisions. We pride ourselves in offering quality products made ethically to support social and environmental causes. While nurturing a successful network of retailers and suppliers, to create a mutual enduring value, and leverage collective genius, PDH is committed in heart and mind in helping build and support sustainable communities by providing jobs and specialised training to locals.


PDH is also home to a number of growing brands. At the essence of the brands’ philosophies, is a unique, versatile and charismatic personality with a passion for elegance. It’s fast to market high street fashion garments are produced responsibly with a clear statement of MADE IN SA, and are rising in terms of national appeal and marketability of their unique products. Fresh vision, eclectic style and a genuine understanding of fashion are what shape PDH’s captivating designs into irresistible pret-a-porter.

Our Vision

  • To provide customers with the latest market information, remain responsive to change and have the courage to change course when needed.
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  • PDH is committed in heart and mind to its partnerships in helping build and support sustainable communities by providing jobs and specialised training to locals.
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  • To be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be and find the courage to shape a better future.
  • Bring to the world a portfolio of quality apparel brands that anticipate the market, set their own trends and satisfy people’s desire to stand out and stand for, a meaningful cause.
  • Nurture a successful network of retailers and suppliers, to create a mutual enduring value, and leverage collective genius.
  • Be a highly effective, lead and fast-moving organisation.

360° Services

Fashion Design Services

With years of experience, the Phoenix Design House team offer a seamless service throughout all sides of garment design and development. From technical packs to detailed measurement specifications, supplier performance and testing standards to garment fittings and quality control, PDH helps ensure your products are perfectly tailored (excuse the pun) to your needs.

Operational and Project Management Services

"What you can measure, you can manage" - Peter Drucker. Our expertise in scheduling and prioritizing get your products to the market on time. Using critical path and critical chain methods while applying lean and agile management principles,PDH will ensure your project requirements and products reach speed-to-market levels with quality standards.

Showroom and Retailing Solutions

Currently carrying 6 brands, fashion businesses get the opportunity to showcase and sell their products to local and international wholesaler and end-consumers alike. PDH plans and conceptualises its marketing focus on local brand awareness and attractiveness, generating product sales and brand recognition with the use of PR tactics, social media and in store promotions.

Sourcing and Manufacturing Services

Our factories in South Africa offer the highest quality garment production. Along with flexibility over order quantities, we have one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Our manufacturing services include - but are never limited to - sample developments, label and trim sourcing, bulk production, QA with AQL charts and ISO standards.

Our Products

To Phoenix Design House reliable products must possess quality.

Creativity is at our core commitment and our customers at the heart of our focus.

We Specialise in Everything Fashion.



Quality Conscious

Quick Turn-around

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Situated in the heart of trend itself, the Old Biscuit Mill.

We are located where our customers need us.